About this site

If you’re reading this, you’ve somehow found my website! Congratulations.

The purpose of this website is to provide a venue for me to share the things that interest me, store things that I want to keep, and connect with people that share the same interests as I do. This website runs on WordPress and is hosted by GoDaddy.

Getting an SSL certificate is currently a work in progress; I am fully aware of the irony of keeping cryptography as an interest but operating this website without an SSL certificate. I tried out signing my own certificate and the results were even worse, because of the way that Chrome treats self-signed certificates (which is to say, considers them inherently insecure). I can’t blame Google for that stance; this is just another instance where my own convenience stands in the way of security. Isn’t funny how often that happens? It’s also a little unfortunate that my hosting service doesn’t yet support AES 256 in Galois Counter Mode (AES_256_GCM), even when using TLS 1.2.

The best option is Chained Block Cipher (CBC) mode, which is known to be vulnerable when implemented improperly.


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